NaBloPoMo: Day 20

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Homebody day. Tried to get a laptop going, but it’s doing this weird overheating thing on the video card (common issue for this model, but no recall, because it’s more than a year old, so the manufacturer is basically saying “get a new one,” which is nice of them.)

Made some yummy lunch from leftovers, but copped out entirely for dinner, and got pizza from a place that does Indian food, too. Quite good, actually, even though the greek had green olives, and the taco had too much lettuce.

Gotta love Vancouver fusion foods.

I think a lot of what makes restaurants feel like they’re worth it is simply that they’re not what YOU would make, or at least not the way YOU’d make it. That’s worth money. I figure if someone started up a place called “surprise me” and did actual fusion foods, but then didn’t TELL you what you were eating. Instead of ordering stuff you think/know you’d like, you just give them a list of stuff you don’t like, or can’t eat:

“I’ll have the no raw onions, no organ meats, and no urchin.”
“And to not drink?”
“None of those weird carbonated yogurt things.”

I mean, that’s gotta be doable, right? Probably 25 things on the menu could cover most of what people would generally avoid eating, right? Not for the faint of heart, but hey, that’d be fun. Of course, you’d be sorta screwed after that if you found something you really really liked, ’cause you’d never find it again anywhere else in the world. Maybe with the bill you’d get a quick list of what you ate, but no name for it.

Speaking of food, and eating it, and then burning it off again (ooh, nice segue, very subtle), it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but be about 7 degrees out there (45 for my US readers). Not low enough to worry about ice, but chilly. I’m hoping to ride all the way in to work, but know that if I don’t pack up my stuff tonight (clothes for tomorrow, riding gear) I’ll probably choke tomorrow morning and not want to go. You’ll know tomorrow based on whether or not I post my numbers from the nifty GPS app I use when riding. Hope to try out my new bluetooth headphones, too (yes, I stay off the main roads: too many rage monkeys out there who don’t get that I’m allowed to be there, and am not close personal friends with that maniac who cut you off downtown last week and then put their hand on your hood to hold themselves up before riding off in their crocs and no helmet).

Wish me luck tomorrow. Nice quick ride to work, and that I can somehow magically get changed/showered without it taking 20 minutes. Seems that my rides are usually pretty quick for a 10k ride over the dinosaur-back that is the Marpole-to-Railtown commute, but I find that it takes forever to get showered/changed and into my workday after that.

Oh, and the software/tape thing I was having problems with last week? Got it figured out, but now it’s just the joyous cavorting that goes with feeding an LTO3 tape into a drive every 45 minutes or so. Once that’s done for SIXTY-something tapes, THEN I get to go digging in the indexes (indices?) and see if I can find the data I’m looking for from Summer 2010. Good times, good times. Lot of this sort of data spelunking is like trying to retell the plot of a dream that you heard third-hand.

Aside: Just watching Twilight Zone “Printer’s Devil,” from 1962, and there’s a moment in which the protagonist looks up a phone number in a paper phone book, and I wonder: How much longer before adults don’t know what a phone book was. How much longer before “I’m in the book” makes no sense whatsoever.

Kids these days, I tell ya.

Wish me luck tomorrow. Stepped on a scale today, and I’m going up, not down. I know: healthy at any size, don’t weigh yourself mid-day, and I “don’t look it,” and all that, but I also know that I’ve been feeling sluggish lately. Call it my Winter Coat, or whatever you want, but I think my “riding downhill only” to/from work on my bike has actually meant that I get less exercise than if I didn’t ride my bike to work, and just walked through Gastown twice a day. One thing about walking – you can’t coast downhill quite the same way.

Oh, and I have a Dr’s appointment on the 30th when we’ll look at my Xray and I’ll try to convince my GP that I don’t need blood thinners any more. It’d be a lot easier to convince HIM if I can first convince MYSELF that I’m not going to create/throw another blood clot ever again. First one wasn’t fun, I tell you what, so I don’t plan on doing it again, but still, not THAT much has really changed about my “lifestyle” since March, so I really want to get back on the old horse, as it were, and start doing some stuff that’ll keep the blood flowing nice & smoothly.

(He said, while sitting cross-legged on the couch for 30 minutes).


Posted on November 20th 2011 in General
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