NaBloPoMo: Day 22

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Today happened, and it all went pretty well, I think. Nothing really big happened, it just trundled along. These sorts of days are the worst for me for motivation, because there’s some relaxing time, and it’s possible to get lost doing small tasks. There can be things that distra-

Ooh, shiny!

Was listening to some new music during my commute today, and sometimes I just plow my way through something like an album just to see if maybe there’s some hidden gem in there, but mostly I go through the whole thing without actually listening to it, and that’s fine, because then it’s just wallpaper. The big problem is when I listen to something, don’t much really care for it, and then FORGET that I’ve heard it, and end up listening to it again in a week or so, because the album title is numeric due to it being one of the hojillion albums available for download at

This is especially common when it comes to experimental albums, because I tend to let it be the wallpaper it was intended to be, so I end up ignoring it for the most part, and then listening to it even more.

Wonder if that’ll happen with the new Kate Bush album, ’cause so far? Yeesh. I hope I’ll accidentally hear it enough times that I like it, but right now she sounds very close-range and low. I’m hoping. I really enjoyed some of the tracks from the last album (Pi, in particular, was inspired weirdness, like I like).

But right now, I have to show Arwen what happens when two kids get ahold of a five pound bag of flour.

Posted on November 22nd 2011 in General

NaBloPoMo: Day 21

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Got soaked on the rides to/from work today, but made it. Will take tomorrow off (from cycling) but back at it again on Wednesday.

I’m watching the pilot of TerraNova. Blurgh. Soundtracking should be controllable with a separate volume control for those moments when the composer gets a little carried away and leaves the audience listening to “Endearing Moment Overkill Movement Six.”

Posted on November 22nd 2011 in General
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