NaBloPoMo: Day 25

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Long day, but a good one.  Rode in to work and felt like my legs remembered the hills on the way in.  It’s a bit of a deadhead run from our place on 67th up to the breaking point at somewhere between 41st and 33rd.  Wherever the RCMP offices are, right around there.  From there it’s all downhill.  Not great time, again, ’cause I’m nervous about ice, and haven’t been doing much riding lately, but I felt pretty good when I arrived.  I grabbed a shower at work (love that they have them, it’s really something you get used to when there’s been showers at whatever work for me since 2003.)

Full day at work.  All good stuff.  Not everything I wanted to do, but solved some stuff that clears the path for Monday.

The ride home was bitterly cold when I started out, but nice and warm by the time I’d crossed Chinatown out to Scienceworld.

Posted on November 25th 2011 in General

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