Namo’12_11_07: Wait, go back, you’re WHO?

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Had this conversation with a server at work today:

Who is it?
I’m your husband, Bob, a human being that lives here.
Never heard of you.
Uh, but I live here. See? These are my keys. They don’t work though.
Nope, you don’t exist. There’s a class of things called humans, but not the group that lives here. No Bobs.
Okay, can I eat the ham and swiss sandwich you have on the 2nd shelf in the fridge?
Can I walk back out the front door with it?

For an hour today, our users were EITHER stuck on the front porch unable to get in, or in the kitchens and bedrooms of the house.

NO FOYER, though.

Posted on November 7th 2012 in General

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  1. clara Says:

    My favourite stories from @saintaardvark’s work are the ones where he anthropomorphizes (wha?) the computers and does their voices and SO I KNEW exactly what you were talking about and that makes me ridiculously happy. Also your post confims: if you make it into a puppet show/dialogue it is way easier for everyone to understand and relate to. Thus. World peace.

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