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Well, hello there.

Been a while. Lots has happened. Government changeovers. Births and deaths. Lost and found. Boundaries and aviaries collide and combine to the wave and clack of previously broken beats.

We lost our gods but continue to pray.

Swapped our clouds for security, our mountains for data mines, and our friend circles for social networks. These were no longer our friends, these were contacts. And like the little glimmering cheekbone computers we could wear alongside our eyes, bad things would happen if you didn’t blink enough.

I still carry his data in my head. His stories are my stories. I don’t remember his face, but I can hear the crackle of his smokes. Those odd ones, with the flavours in them. Something about nobody asking for refills if you get used to a flavour nobody likes.

Posted on April 10th 2018 in Not Really

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