So, this is where I’m going to write some sorta bio or something.

But I haven’t yet.

What does that tell you about me?

Okay, so here’s some stuff about me, without giving too much away.

  • I’m in my 30s (more like 40s)
  • Have lived in Victoria, BC. Kingston, ON. Vancouver, BC. Chilliwack, BC. and then finally, Vancouver, BC
  • I’m married, and have been with the same woman for 9 years (more like 14 now)
  • Two kids: boys, born early 2002 and late 2005.
  • I’ve got long grey & brown hair, and it’s been long for more than ten years, so no, I’m not cutting it soon. [Edit: Except that I did, so it’s only shoulder-length now.] [Edit: Except that now it’s SHORT, for me, at least.] (and TOTALLY GREY)
  • I WAS Desktop Enginering Support person for a Game Company of Note
  • My first computer was a Commodore 64, then a C128 that I used until 1991 (still have it, and it still works, as far as I know).
  • I know enough to make money supporting every OS from DOS 3.2 to Windows Server 2003, and have been doing so full-time since 1993.
  • I can usually come up with a solid analogy for pretty much anything I’m trying to explain to a layperson. Except for reverse lookup zones in DNS. I still don’t get that myself…
  • I enjoy chasing viruses and, more recently, spyware (hoping to coin the term Spyrus/Spirus or Spyral)
  • I’m interested in cryptography and computer security in general (had a PGP key since 1992, I think)
  • I think steganography will be the next big thing for secure communication.
  • I collect audio playing devices like most people collect shoes.
  • Same goes for little USB cameras, it seems.
  • I install every weird little application I find, usually in order to embed it into my memory for later recall.
  • I also do it to sharpen my desktop/server skills, by messing up my own gear, mostly so I know what it looks like when I see something similar on another machine.
  • On a given day, I carry a Blackberry, an iPod Touch between two and seven USB memory drives (totalling something like 2.5GB), an RJ45 loopback device
  • I’ve got WiFi 802.11G at home.

Obviously I don’t update this NEARLY often enough.