Nablopomo Day 3

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In which our hero finally sits his two little ones down in front of Star Wars.  It might be the “fixed” version, but it looks pretty good.  When they get older, we’ll get into the whole thing about how the “real” version is the “best” version.  Han shot first, dammit (but in this version they shoot at the same time, and that Greedo is a lousy shot, lemme just say).

Laundry night (writing in bits and pieces while hauling stuff).  Tate and I went to Sport Ball at the West End Rec Center tonight, which meant leaving a little early from work, and hauling butt up the hill on my bike, so I could then walk back down the other side of the hill with Tate.  Cycling’s going really well, I think, since I’ve only NOT rode my bike for maybe four days since starting, and I had a Dr’s note for that.  Really.  Like, specific “No riding a bike for at least a week” kinda instructions.

So, SportBall, or “Dad & Me” class.  Imagine a half-dozen or so kids between 3 & 4 running around with an equal number of dads, all playing sorta-kinda sports.  Each week is a different sport.  The first week was soccer, sorta-ish, and this week was basketball.

Tate *hearts* the running and kicking and throwing, but sometimes his natural inventiveness gets the better of him, and he wants to roll the hulahoop and then chase it WHILE trying to throw the ball through it (to me).

In the control room Luke and the gang hole up in, there are large reddish buckets near the door.  What’s in those things?  Toner for the printers?  Buckets of new helmets?  Wine?  I bet it’s wine.  No wonder the StormTroopers are such bad shots.  They should have all just set their guns on stun, and blue hoopie-thingied the hallways every five minutes.

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Show 14 – April Randomness


As usual, metric schwackloads of swearing (if you’re shocked by this, I guess you haven’t heard our show before), so watch out.

Here’s April’s show. Right-click to SaveAs… instead of streaming it from your browser.

01 – Talkybit 1
02 – Broad Daylight – Gabriel Rios
03 – New Violence – White Williams
04 – You Are Never Alone – Socalled
05 – Talkybit 2
06 – Hustler – Simian Mobile Disco
07 – Can You Dig It (Bullet Proof Dirty Dub) – Journey Man DJ
08 – I Go Hard, I Go Home – The Presets
09 – Talkybit 3
10 – Certified Air Raid Material – edIT
11 – Ready For The Floor – Hot Chip
12 – Burial – Archangel
13 – Talkybit 4
14 – Istanbul – The Breeders
15 – Wata (Water) F. Mutabaruka – Beat Pharmacy
16 – A&E – Goldfrapp
17 – Talkybit 5
18 – Message FromOur Sponsor – Jello Biafra
19 – Anyone Else But you – The Moldy Peaches
20 – Testy

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Unknown Origins Podcast #13 – Only 150 Days Later Than Planned

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89 Minutes and 50 Seconds of us talking, with the occasional song thrown in to make it seem like there’s a point to it all.

Enjoy. Download here. More (faster) download links to come soon.
Download from here, too.
Alsoplus from Mediafire, too.


  1. Talkybit 1
  2. Time to Pretend – MGMT
  3. Boy With A Coin – Iron and Wine
  4. Magic Doors – Portishead
  5. Talkybit 2
  6. Saturated Vietnamese Radio – Orientalist
  7. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up – Cake
  8. Reasons (Saturday Night) – Faithless
  9. Talkybit 3
  10. Run (I’m A Natural Disaster) – Gnarles Barkley
  11. Artsy – edIT (feat. The Grouch)
  12. I Got a Man – Positive K
  13. Talkybit 4
  14. Top Drawer – Man Man
  15. Race In – Battles
  16. Reasonable Ability – General Fuzz
  17. Talkybit 5
  18. Lust – Raveonettes
  19. Trust Me – Martina Topley-Bird
  20. OutTakes of Two Idiots Doing Soundchecks
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Podcast Roundup Recap Thingie


Just in case you’re joining us late, there’s been 12 (or is it 13?) shows done, and the next’ll be up in a bit.

Honest. Any moment now.

Here’s the full list in one shot, just in case you were missing any.

Show #1Playlist (April 06)
Show #2Playlist (Sept 06)
Show #3Playlist (Nov 06)
Show #4Playlist (Jan 07)
Show #5Playlist (Feb 07)
Show #6Playlist (Mar 06)
Show #7Playlist (Apr 07)
Show #8Playlist (May 07)
Show #9Playlist (Jun 07)
Show #10Playlist (Jul 07)
Show #11Playlist (Sep 07)
Show #12Playlist (Sep 07)

As always, the Podcast Category will list all shows (or notes ABOUT shows).

If you’d like to automatically download shows to your iPod add the following into iTunes as a Podcast RSS url:

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Unknown Origins – The Covers Show


Another show?  In LESS than 45 days?  What up with THAT?

Duncan was nice enough to join us for another one, and we were a little more wired (read: we’ve had a few) this time around.

Covers show.  Check it.

Via this link right here.
{Or put our RSS feed address into iTunes, and let it download automatically for ya. }

1 – Talkybit 1

2 – Toxic – Mark Ronson F. Tiggers

3 – Three Is A Magic Number – Blind Melon

4 – Love For Sale – Fine Young Cannibals

5 – Talkybit 2

6 – Heartbeats – Jose Gonzalez

7 – Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley

8 – Don’t Fear The Reaper – Jenny Pinkertone And The Bluetones

9 – Talkybit 3

10 – Happiness Is A Warm Gun – Breeders

11 – I Will Survive – Cake

12 – Love Will Tear Us Apart – Mainsqueeze Accordion Orchestra

13 – Talkybit 4

14 – Rhinestone Cowboy – Radiohead

15 – Crazy – A Random Find On Seeqpod

16 – Stairway To Heaven – Dread Zeppelin

17 – Talkybit 5

18 – Human Behaviour – Decemberists

19 – Kiss – Age Of Chance

20 – Mission Impossible Theme – The Meatmen

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Unknown Origins Podcast Episode 11


Here ya go.


1 – Meet Me – Nora Smith-Hisler

2 – Talkybit 1

3 – Oh My God – Mark Ronson F. Lily Allen

4 – California – Marlena Shaw

5 – Track 24 Off Duncan’s Cousins Hip Hop Compilation – Guy of the Hip Hop Genre

6 – Talkybit 2

7 – Ultimate – Gogol Bordello

8 – Purple – King Kooba Meets DJ P-Trix

9 – Can’t Stop Talking – Betty Hutton

10 – Talkybit 3

11 – Nature Of The Experiment – Tokyo Police Club

12 – Goldrush – Yello

13 – Track 4 Off Duncans Cousins Hip Hop Compilation – A Series of Samples from Other Songs That Have Been Strung Together to Make One Song in It’s Own Right

14 – Talkybit 4

15 – Kinetic Stereo Kids – Barefoot In The Rain

16 – How You Sell Soul to A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul – Public Enemy

17 – Fantastic Plastic Machine – Theme Of Luxury

18 – PiAno – Richard T. Hatch Says Round Evry Corner

19 – Talkybit 5

20 – Dead from the Waist Down – Catatonia

21 – Strma A Uzka – Susuma Yokota

22 – Once in a Lifetime – Wolfsheim

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Podcast #10 – July 2007 (aka “June: Part Two – Eclectic Boogie-Lewd”)

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Well, it happened again. We hung out for about 3 hours and ended up making show that’s about an hour and a half long. Hoo-boy do we like to hear ourselves talk. If you listen very closely though, there’s ALSO some music in there…

Click HERE to start listening, or download it with your favourite podcast/rss download thingie.

Oh, and you might wanna throw on some headphones, ’cause both the lyrics and the hosts resort to some swearing from time to time.

* Parental Guidance Suggested (Oh, and when we’re talking? Assume we’re swearing a bit from time to time).
(Background audio during talkybits provided by UNKLE‘s upcoming War Stories album, which drops in North America July 24th)

Did I mention? With the swearing? I did? Okay.

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Podcast #9 – The June 07 Show (1 of 2)

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So yeah, so… yeah.

Song list coming shortly, but you’ll all be happy to know the categories are fixed, even though none of the OTHER podcasts MP3s are back online after our main drive exploded a few weeks back. The data’s all safe & sound, but still offline. It’ll be back up again soon, kay? Kay.

Not entirely safe for work, or the faint of heart, so grab some headphones and send the kids to bed.

So start listening by clicking the play button (if you see one), or clicking this.

  • Talkybit 1
  • Check The OR – Organized Rhyme
  • Pressure Drop – The Specials
  • Hey Ya – Mat Weedle
  • Talkybit 2
  • Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Patti Smith
  • Who Am I (Animatrix Edit) – Peace Orchestra
  • Sea Lion – Sage Francis
  • Talkybit 3
  • Xltronicradio 20060118 – Mike Paradinas U-ziq
  • Rainbowarriors – Cocorosie
  • Where’s Johnny Sabatino – Dzihan & Kamien
  • Talkybit 4
  • Icky Thump – White Stripes
  • Parting Of The Sensory – Modest Mouse
  • Perpetual Dawn – The Orb
  • Talkybit 5
  • So Much For Everyone – Dan Mangan
  • Body’s In Trouble – Mary Margaret O’Hara
  • Bonus song & Easter Egg

Try downloading the site from a much-faster (but might-not-be-there-any-more) mirror.

And if you’re one of us evil Facebookin’ types, you can join the FB group found here.

Or put the RSS feed URL into your iTunes/Podcast grabber, and get ’em that way.

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Unknown Origins Podcast #8 – Randomosity

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I’ll have to fix the enclosure later, but here’s the show for May of 07


Talkybit 1
Ruby – Kaiser Chiefs
Baba OJ – Arrested Development
Money City Maniacs – Sloan
Talkybit 2
Kitchen Sink – Amon Tobin
Grow Up And Blow Away – Metric
African Drug – Bob Holroyd
Talkybit 3
Do It Again – Chemical Brothers
One Hand Blizzard – DJ Kentaro
Forever Indebted – Shout Out Out Out
Talkybit 4
Secrets From The Future – MC Frontalot
Thou Shalt Always Kill – Dan Le Sac F. Scroobius Pip
Techno Party – Lee Scratch Perry
Talkybit 5
The Love I’m Searching For – Yeah Yeah Yeah’s
On The Couch – Prince

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Unknown Origins #7: Full Moon Edition

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Well, here we go again. We were kinda wired tonight, and I think it shows a little.
Here’s this month’s podcast, (right-click and Save-As to Download).  You can also download from here, if you’d like a faster download, and can get the file before April 10th, 2007.

  • Here’s the playlist for ya (sorry, no chaptering – that’s a Mac thing, from what I can tell, and only works on iPods anyway)
    Talkybit 1
    31 Knots - Sedition's Wish
    Gomez - Sweet Virginia
    The Veils - Advice For Young Mothers To Be
    Talkybit 2
    Peter, Bjorn, And John - Amsterdam
    Andrew Bird - Heretics
    Terence Trent D'Arby - This Side Of Love
    Talkybit 3
    Julie Doiron - No More
    Feist - Sea Lion Woman
    Fulton Lights - Thank God For The Evening News
    Talkybit 4
    Cadence Weapon - Sharks
    Revolution Void - Invisible Walls
    Cansei de Ser Sexy - Music is my hot sex
    Talkybit 5
    Tom Waits - Ol' 55
    The Streets - Dry Your Eyes

Tracklist and highspeed download links to follow in the near future.

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