We have different rates for different needs, and are open to negotiating specific project costs.

We have two different sets of rates.

“Corporate” Rates are for groups of workstations networked at a particular site, with or without server, where critical work is being done and downtime prevents work from being done.

“Home-User” rates might also represent a small office or home office, where some functional downtime is acceptable, and there are not complex networks of workstations. Small office might also include remote or satellite users.

Corporate On-site:                                                                          $75/hour
Corporate Remote:                                                                         $50/hour

Corporate Afterhours (7p-8a M-F or weekends):           $115/hour

Home User Onsite:                                                                       $  45/hour
Home User Carry-in OR Remote Support:                          $ 30/hour

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