Greetings everyone!

We’re happy to announce the launch of our complete IT support service at Geckotemple.

We are a pair of computer professionals who like people, and we enjoy making technology fit to your needs, budgets, and abilities  (rather than the other way around. )

Let us help you with:

The Technical

  • home support
    • “My computer is acting slow and behaving oddly”
    • “I need help finding and installing the right hardware to do what I want to do.”
    • “I bought this thing and my computer won’t talk to it.”
    • “Uh, why do these pop ups keep popping up?”
    • “I know I should reformat, but it terrifies me.”
    • “Backup? I should backup?”
  • data recovery
  • windows networking
  • exchange server
  • security systems
  • web server migration
  • moveable type and wordpress

 The Organizational

  • workflow and enterprise support evaluation
  • project planning
  • new IT hire interview and evaluation
  • network and security analysis and recommendation

The Personal

  • instruction in how to use technology, and why, in English instead of Geek-Speak.

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