How The Internet Brings Us Closer Together

So one of my favourite ways to kill time is to read and post on the off-topic board of a British wedding planning site, which is a good place to go for celebrity gossip, recipes, sex tips, good old British dry wit, debates, and to ask for advice. Oh, and it seems, to make friends.

On Saturday, my buddy Saby posted a thread asking how many of us don’t use vibrators. (General consensus recommends the Platinum Rampant Rabbit, which you can pick up from the Ann Summers website, should you be interested.) Rabbit users love ‘em. Talk about ‘em. Advise anyone to get ‘em. There’s a thread every day. Sometimes two. Really. So Saby’s thread was somewhat unusual.

I posted that I was, in fact, one of the few who choose to do without.

Saby’s reply? “this is sick, but before, I was thinking “I wonder if Canadian Liz has one” (I also wondered if a few others had one too.)”

Now, how cool is it that there’s a British Expat who married an Italian, living in Rome, who wonders about my sexual habits, without ever having seen my face?

Three cheers for t’internet, bringing strangers together to talk about masturbatory technique!

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