Craig, I love you!

There’s no question. Craigslist is my new favourite site in the world. Thank you, Craig, for the personal ads, the free stuff, the jobs, and especially the funny stories about poo. For my money, you just can’t get enough of that stuff!

Also, thanks for teaching me the word ‘asshat’. I’ll be teaching it to my British friends in exchange for their own hilarous slang, such as ‘pants moustache’, ‘ladygarden’, ‘bargainous’,’chav’, and ‘cnut’.

Also: Thank you to the folks at The Original Student Calendar. After nineteen-yes, nineteen-years, you have finally produced a calendar with an attractive cover. This year, I don’t need to buy some wrapping paper to cover it, or think up my own cover design to hide the Polestar Graphic Design Team’s cringeworthy attempts at cover art. (I know that Em and Arwen didn’t mind last year’s cover, but I did, owing to my predjudice against the colour orange) But this year, I actually simply painted out the logo and dates on the cover, mimicking the pattern on the actual cover. It’s lovely. If I knew how, I would post a picture of it to show the world that it is, in fact, a work of art! My dad knows how, but he is sailing in Malaspina Strait. Or maybe the Gulf of Georgia. Or maybe he’s on an island. Anyhow, he’s away. But my calendar is here, and that’s a blessing. Now I can start planning things past Labour Day.

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