The Wedding Crashers (Spoiler Alert!)

Did I like it? Didn’t I? Not sure.

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. I love them anyway, so that was predictable.
Lead actress’s lip stain. Man, if I could figure out how to get product to stay on my face, I would SO be getting some of that, whatever it is.
Christopher Walken being Christopher Walken. I know, I know, I’m a bad person because I like him doing his thing. He’s not reaching as an actor; I just don’t care.
The face comedy, the timing. Both related to VV and OW being on screen. CW too.
The gay little painter brother. He had the name of one of my exes and looked like a friend’s ex if that ex had spent a night on the tiles and bent his face out of shape only a bit. Pretty cool hair, too.
Jane Seymour’s boobs. Okay, that was obv. a body double, but still: Awesome!
Scenery: Please can I be a squillionaire and live in Nantucket?

Didn’t like:
Will Farrell. He just creeps me out, and he’s only doing HIS thing. Mr. Walken’s thing is fine. WF’s makes me want to take a shower and apologise to someone, even though it makes E laugh so hard that I eye the emergency exits and quietly reach for my cell phone in case I have to call 911.
The bondage scene. How is this okay? I mean, it was kind of funny, but, still, it was funny because it was a tiny woman restraining a giant burly man and stuffing his own dirty sock into his mouth. If the genders had been reversed, and even the sizes kept the same, eg, a little twig of a man tying up an Amazon-calibre woman, I’d have thought, “Jesus Fuck! How is it funny that this little disempowered twerp is getting his rocks off subduing a much larger, more powerful woman? I am appalled!” Was it ok because she was crazy? Was it ok because she was a woman? I just don’t know.
And when the gay little brother came in? Was that funny because VV was in a ridiculous predicament, or was it funny because an emotionally tortured teenager was declaring his heart?

Dunno, Bob.

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