Family Reunion

I actually like most of my relatives. How cool is that?

See, my brother and I are much the youngest cousins in the crew, so everyone got married a long time ago, in that relative-stratum. But the older generation have begun to die. The only time we seem to get together is funerals, and that is no fun. We don’t get to know each other because we’re so busy being sad.

So my aunt decided that as some distant relations were coming from England (I wasn’t aware I even had English relations) we’d have a family reunion. Plus, it was my cousin Craig’s birthday. So, why not?

What a great idea! I ate, like, a pound of shrimp and smoked salmon, and shared family jokes with a bunch of people. I loved it! Maybe for me, family is the new family. I don’t know. It could happen.

Especially since my craziest cousin married a new man and has started a fish hatchery, I’ve acquired some step-cousins. One of the new steps is a ten-year-old black kid adopted from (?)Uganda. That’s Sam. (He was adopted in the new husband’s old marriage. I know the old husband as a customer on the gas barge, and since he never tried to grab my tits, I think he might be an okay guy.)

I try not to talk to said craziest cousin, but I just might have to find a way to talk to her kids. Sam tried to give everyone ‘jelly beans’ that were really Red Hots. And giggled amd gave them out freely when we recognized them for what they were.

That’s the kind of cousin I’d be proud to call Family.

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