I love my job.

I really, really never know what’s going to happen from day to day.

Today, for instance, an innocent question about taxation had one student effectively constructing the Communist model of economics, and then pinpointing where the problems were. C’mon, people, if an uber-sheltered 11-year-old Korean girl can get it, why the annual crop of baby commies up at UBC?

After that, I whizzed down to the next appointment, where another student and I had an engaging discussion about what raccoons wouldn’t eat, and if a raccoon could take a coyote in a fair fight. The jury’s still out. (Think about those big, Stanley Park popcorn-fed raccoons.) However, the vocabulary-building opportunities were fantastic.

Sure, sometimes I get tired of dealing with the Topic Sentence, but honestly, the other stuff more than makes up for it.

Tomorrow, I plan to be teaching descriptive writing to another student, but God only knows what will happen.

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