Shout out…

To the vastly irritated woman at the 41st and Oak bus stop who told me her woes on Sunday:

I hope you got your job issues resolved. There’s no reason you had to wait in the pouring rain while the guy with the keys was late to work. You were right to write a note to the boss.

Look for another job immediately. You deserve respect and should be able to voice an opinion like ‘It tastes salty’ without being ostracized by your fellow workers.

Peace out, sister.


I’ve just had a look in the latest Macleans. Did you know crows and ravens, aka corvids, mate for life? And cheat on their partners? Neither did I!

Cool word fact: We get the word “ravenous’ from ravens. Corvids will eat anything, including (I am not making this up) human vomit and otter feces.

Ew. Happy meal, anyone?


Wow! Em and Gen and Arwen threw me a surprise B-day party last night, and, yes, I was surprised. By all accounts, I did not look happy, but, rather, appalled. I’d like to state for the record that I did not feel appalled as much as I was simply shocked. I went over to Arwen’s and John’s to (I thought) babysit Rip. And, yes, instead of having an evening away from her preschooler, Arwen was co-masterminding a party! For me! The mind boggles.

Lots of times I don’t feel like I make a big contribution to the group. Mostly because it’s hard to get a word in edgewise sometimes, but also because I’m blessed with friends who are intelligent, savvy, and witty as much as they are passionate. I feel my moderate stance on things (I’m a Libra, remember?) means that I’m not as dreamy as the Aquarian, as flamboyant and reasoned as the Leo, or as good at vamping as the Gemini. If we were a meal, I’d be the bread. Dependable, yes. But not exciting.

But as Em said, a lot of what is contributed is the whine factor. I don’t, much. I know I make them laugh, and that’s ok. And sometimes it’s nice to be appreciated, even if I’m pretty sure I’m a blue-stamped wierdo, right through the core of my being.

So, although I shouldn’t compare myself to anyone else (I taught CAPP, you’d think I’d know this stuff), sometimes it’s nice to get external validation.

Thanks, guys, I love you.

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