Today I took the first step in this year’s NaNo extravagnaza. I bought a little book sacred to the purpose of plotting, characterization, and ideas for Nano. Then, I wrote down the dares and suggestions I’ve been collecting from various people. So far, I have promised(myself and others) to incorporate:

An evil pumpkin
A talking tortoise
Someone vomiting into a handbag
A City Worker coming to announce that he’s going to cut off the water (“but you don’t need it”). Plus, his fly is open and there’s food on his face.
A confused Welsh person.
The later-middle-aged black man who sells Spare Change newspapers at the IGA at Broadway and Maple

Any other dares or suggestions are greatly welcome. Since I’ve (pretty much) decided to do what might be described as ‘offbeat urban fantasy’ set in Kits, send ‘em my way; I can take anything. Especially since I’ve decided to not take it seriously at all.

Come to think of it, since I consciously decided not to take the whole thing seriously, I’ve felt a lot better about it. Could this be a secret to life?

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