I am a Renegade.

So Em taught me to crochet and I haven’t been the same since. I decided I would make a sweater. Good, huh? One problem:
I don’t know how to read a pattern.

So I’m totally making it up as I go along, happy in my basic ignorance.

I’ve got time to do it, as John turned me on to Green Wing, and I have been giggling happily to myself ever since. I crochet and watch the show. Thanks, John!

For those not in the know, Green Wing is a British show set in a hospital. It completely avoids being a hospital drama, and the action centers around Caroline, the new doctor, who has to make her way in this new environment. My favouirte, however, is the HR director/psychologist/counsellor. The last episode I saw, she was dancing around to some rather tinny music. Only when she picked up her cell phone did the viewer realize that it was her ring tone. Cue her waiting for the thing to ring again—and starting to dance again!

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