I Have Done the Unthinkable.

I made shortbread tonight. Not the Family Recipe, but a recipe off the Internet.

Horror of horrors, it tastes just as good, if not better, than my mother’s when she was on finest form.

I was always told that one had to do things just so, to get the shortbread to turn out right. I believed it, because I have eaten a lot of tough shortbread.

But I grabbed a recipe for dropped shortbread and made it on a whim. The instructions said I had to whip it, so I took E’s Braun hand mixer to it. That didn’t work, so I squished it with a pastry cutter, then creamed it with a wooden spoon. At this point, I was resigned to shortbread of a bricklike consistency, but I kept going. I squished it through the hand blender again for a while, then glommed the little bits onto a cookie tray, not thinking much about it. Ten minutes later—ambrosia!

I’ll be making more tomorrow, because unlike the Family Recipe, this stuff’s a breeze. Especially if I can abuse it the way I did, and still have such fantastic results!

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