Life Will Find A Way.

Thank you, Jeff Goldblum (I think it was). This post is not, in fact, about how I have bio-engineered dinosaurs on my own private island. If I had my own private island, I would dedicate it to lemurs and fruit bats. If I could. Of course, I’d have to check the science aspect of having them both in the same place. Plus, it would have to be the right climate. I don’t want my lemurs to get cold, you know.

Anyhow, this post is about my damned garden. It’s waking up. Already. Daffodils are poking their leaves out of the ground. The sedums are forming little proto-brains. The snowdrops’ leaves are already six inches long!

I had all kinds of plans. I need to move the roses. I need to dig out several tedious clumps of cornflowers, which are very pretty but I don’t need them all over the damned garden. I have to prune the viburnum, the holly, and the azaleas, as well as the pieris in front of our window. Then I have to move the Russian sage into the quasi-Mediterranean area I have planned.

And I can’t do any of that if it doesn’t stop raining sometime soon!

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