Octopi Again.

My dad, who has a knack for it, finds some pretty cool stuff on t’Internet.

Look! A Giant Pacific Octopus encountering an undersea camera. Is it trying to eat the camera? Play with the camera? Mate with the camera? Only that octopus knows!

Go to http://www.seaeye.com/whatsnew_2005.html. When I try to post a link it goes to Mircosoft, because those bastards own everything.

In totally unrelated news, I was just shutting down the computer to go to bed last night, and I caught a movement from the corner of my eye.

We have mice. or a mouse anyway. Ew.


Our lovely friend Steve came over for dinner last night. I utterly, utterly adore this man. He used to work at a used bookstore and always set aside things he thought his friends would like. He’s that kind of guy.

A while ago now, his wife, who has a soul as small and shriveled as a raisin, but less tasty, more like one of those fabled dead flies that, apparently, get mixed in with the raisins, left him. Steve’s in a crazy frame of mind these days. He’s also getting his shit organized because he’s going traveling again. We were talking about the prep for that and it came out that he has whittled his book collection down to thirty books! I believed he was actually a supernatural entity for doing this.

This got me thinking. If I had to get rid of almost all my books, what would I keep? I looked around.

The answer: Fewer than I thought. Most of my books are handy for my own brand of traditional medicine, Read Something To Make You Feel Better. Overwhelmed? Read L.M. Montgomery. Need some wit? Head for Wodehouse. Uninspired by life? Twisted Tales from Shakespeare. Escapism? Several romance authors can help me out there.

But what could I really, really not live without owning? Inscribed books from friends and relatives aside, I could do without pretty much all of them.

What books couldn’t you live without?

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