As some of you may recall, E and I were gifted with a pair of lovely tangerine pillows for Christmas, from his thoughtful brother. I don’t know, I’ve mentioned it 84,000 times once or twice. They’re rayon-made-to-look-like-silk. And by ‘like silk’, I mean ‘shiny but cheap’. With pictures of little stereotypically old-fashioned Chinese guys on them, wearing stereotypically old-fashioned Chinese guy clothes. But the thread count is low, so the guys’ white faces are kind of striped with orange so it shows through. it looks like they have a very organized form or rosacea or something. Did I mention they’re orange?

Anyhow, they went onto the floor in a fit of kitten-zeal and haven’t come off it since Baxter came to live at our house. He loves him those pillows. He slides down the slipperiness and attacks the tassels (also orange).

He’s been here three days and the pillows are already fraying.


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