Matching Colours.

So I’m riding the bus up to UBC today and I can’t help but notice the newspapers are all about Valentines Day. This is all fine and good, except that it’s a massive commercial enterprise designed to cash in on people’s romantic feelings, but that’s another rant.

Anyway, there’s this feature-more pictures than words, can’t have people actually hurting themselves by reading, can we? It’s somethng like “Hollywood Couples We’d Like To See”. Fine, whatever. But let’s take a closer look.

Jet Li and Lucy Liu.


Because they’re both Asian, obviously. You know, they have so much to talk about, with the whole Asianness and stuff. Plus, they must get along, because, look, their hair and eyes are the same colour. That guarantees a healthy relationship, doesn’t it?

Never mind that she grew up in Queens, and he was born just outside of Beijing. She’s an A-list movie star who relishes the limelight and he’s very quiet about his personal life. According to something I read, he turned down the lead in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, to be with his wife during pregnancy. Yeah. A perfect couple, indeed.

They do have Marital Arts in common, as he trained in Wushu and she trained in Kali-Escrima-silat, which is, apparently, knife and stick fighting.

So they’re the same race and they both do martial arts. They must be perfect for one another. Sheesh!

The ongoing reluctance of the media to acknowledge that people of different races can and do become romantically involved with one another really picks my ass.

If I were single, today’s crusade would be to go out there and kiss as many people (no sexism here either) of as many races as I could find. And I’d get someone to take pictures. I would be a one-woman campaign, spreading the love, not just to people of Northern European descent like myself, but to people of all the colours of skin in the world. Then I would take those pictures, copy them as big as possible, and post them on billboards. Ha, take THAT, closed-minded Media honkies!

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day.

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