So Cold…

When did I become unable to shake off the cold?

I mean, it’s been clear these last few days, and so the nights have been chilly, but last night I shivered my way to sleep and then into wakefulness a couple of times. Me! Who has slept on snow!

Last night was our first night in the new bed. Sadly, I couldn’t luxuriate in the Queen-sizeness of it, because I was plastered to E the whole night, cadging body heat. He thought I was just being loving. Sorry, Honey. Just cold.

Tonight, I have added a down mattress-top (from the double, so it doesn’t fit or anything) and my down duvet from my bed at my parents’ house. I already have a cache of candles warming up the room itself.

But it bothers me. I used to have one of those internal radiators, so that if it was cold, I’d eat more, and stay warm. Now, despite the fact that I have more insulating fat than I did when younger, I get cold and have a hard time getting warm.

Bugger the aging process. I want to be 17 again. And warm.

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