Stinky Stove Update.

So we called Marilyn, who sent Ted down, and Ted works at the port. He knows from rodents.

We turned on the oven and he sniffed delicately. Nodded once. “Mouse piss.”

So someone’s coming on Monday. In the meantime, it’s a feast of stovetop meals chez MonkeyPants.

Friday Quiz: What Kind of Feminist Are You?

You scored 66% Gender-Abolitionist, 60% Sexually Liberal, and 20 % Socialist

You are the Gender-Liberal. This means that you share qualities with
both Liberal Feminists and Gender Abolitionists. Like the Liberal
Feminist, you feel political change needs to be done on a small-scale
level through legislative change, not necessarily through a massive
destruction of class society through the adoption of an extremist
socialist stance. You are also very concerned with sexual liberation,
and feel that women should be free to do what they please sexually
without criticism, just as men should be free to do. However, you
differ from the Liberal Feminist culturally, because you see gender as
a social construction that needs to be destroyed. Like the Gender
Abolitionist, you realize that gender is often perceived as one’s
identity, when it should only be perceived as a small, insignificant
part of that person. We shouldn’t be able to say “This person IS a
woman”. Rather one should say something more akin to “This person HAS
the physical traits of a woman”. This way, we wouldn’t be assuming
someone’s physical traits are a part of their identity, and we couldn’t
use this difference to oppress them or categorize them. In short, you
advocate extreme cultural change through the destruction of gender
roles, but politically you are less extreme, instead focusing on
individual or legislative change as opposed to a massive change of

The other feminist types:

The Housewife

The Marxist

The Liberal

The Liberal Extremist

The Gender Abolitionist

The Radical

The Gender-Liberal

The Revisionist

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 44% on Gender
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You scored higher than 10% on Sexuality
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You scored higher than 30% on Class
Link: The Feminism Test written by saint_gasoline on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Springtime Comes to the Sisters Kim.

Spring is teetering on the edge of bloom. I know it by looking at the garden, but I’m seeing it in my students as well.

I teach two sisters. They come in for a double block of reading and writing. Much to my gratification, I have been whispered to that the reason they have configured their classes the way that they do is so that both have reading classes with me. I couldn’t be more flattered.

Elder Sister is the very epitome of perfect Korean young ladyship. She is tall, much taller than average. In fact, she stares many Korean men in the eye. Or, rather, she would, if her eyes were not so downcast and demure. Her height makes her stand out, but then you notice her grace. She is a study in economy of movement. Every motion is restrained and precise. Just so. She is always cheerful, but not unduly so. She has pleasant words for the younger students, but never stoops to actual chattiness. She is a calming infulence on even the most rambunctious children Her calm demeanour is unshakeable in the face of anything. Anything but Spring. Tonight, she couldn’t sit still. Looked out the window. Crossed her legs again. Flipped through the vocabulary exercise. Wrinkled her nose. Spring made her more human, and I loved her for it.

Younger Sister is the opposite. She never walks, but bounces everywhere. Loves dangling earrings that make her look like an Eighties princess. She looks everyone straight in the eye and laughs as much as she talks, which is quite a lot. She is slightly chubby, to her mother’s despair, despite the fact that she has as much nervous energy as any eight-year-old boy. Spring has exacerbated that condition. Tonight, she skipped and bounced and sang. She heemed and hawed and shifted. She told jokes and giggled. Twenty-five minutes into class, she sighed gustily and blurted, “I just want to go outside!” I had to laugh, because I feel the same way.

Persephone’s coming back from the Underworld! Everyone, get up and dance!

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