I am an Idiot.

Well, not really. But I am going to have some unpleasant moments over the next few days.

The mouse guy came, all six-foot-five blond Slavicness of him. He put the poison traps out and suggested a few spring traps as well (Of course, in places Bax couldn’t get near them). I said I didn’t want to deal with dead mice, and Eric (heroically, I thought) said he would be responsible for them.

And today he went on tour for five days. The traps have already caught two mice.

Calling Anyone: I will come to your house and do the domestic chore of your choice if you will come to mine and empty the mousetraps!

Trawling the Genes.

When I was twelve, I desperately wanted to find out I was an elfin changeling.

I’ve been looking through old family photos. My erstwhile hope has been soundly trounced.

Although no one has ever been able to ascertain where I got the shape or coloration of my lips from, I have my great-Auntie Katie’s nose. I have the Cruikshank teeth (I have been identified as a mamber of my own family-by a man who was a stranger to me- by my teeth). I believe I may actually have the same eye shape as one dreadful Auntie. Hard to tell. Hers are narrowed in spite quite a lot. I have (barring my tum area) my Auntie Sheila’s physique. Cousin Leslie’s eyebrows and chin (dunno where the chin came from, it’s totally recessive. We’re the only ones with the ‘bum chin’.) And in photos of me smiling, I look just like my mom.

Now that my hopes of Elfdom have been vanquished, I’m pretty okay with what I got in the gene pool. I wish my butt was rounder, but I’m happy with my eyebrows. My teeth are well-formed and healthy. They are not perfect, but I would look pretty scary with perfect teeth. Said awful Auntie has perfect (capped) teeth. When she smiles, it’s like she’s an anaconda watching a tethered goat. Really.

I wish I didn’t look so much like my mom when I smile. I know it hurts my dad.

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