Sweet Potato Gnocchi.

While in Philadelphia, I went to one of my brother’s favourite restaurants for the express purpose of tasting their Sweet Potato Gnocchi. They were heavenly.

I wondered if I could re-create the recipe at home. Lo, on Sunday night, I experimented, thinking to serve the results to Eric, even if they weren’t stellar. But imagine my shocked delight when it worked!

I’ve never made gnocchi before, and so I expected to fail or have marginal results several times. But the Cooking Goddess smiled upon me, and it turns out, they’re time-consuming and a bit messy, but not that hard! I dropped the little dough pillows into the boiling water as instructed, and then-the miracle! I watched them bob merrily to the top of the pot, like little tipsy angels of sweet potato goodness! They weren’t exactly like the ones in the restaurant, but I was very happy with them, overall.

So: Coming soon chez MonkeyPants: A gnocchi party for all who wish to participate.

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