Sometimes, You Remember You’re Lucky.

Talking to Em on the phone yesterday, I realized again how much I miss her. It’s good to have friends you can miss that much. I am really, really blessed that the people I call friends are smart, funny, interesting, and empathetic.

I know this, because I had a contrasting phone call today. E’s friend’s wife. You know, the annoying one?

She wants to talk about tutoring. She took a business course and ‘became’ a tutor. Wants to know how I get business.

Well, actually, I am pretty good at what I do. IF a spot becomes available, I ask a student’s mother if she knows anyone who needs tutoring. She invariably knows about three people who need tutoring. If I have an asshole student, I drop him (or her). It’s that easy.

I am dreading having to listen to this woman go on about her seven-point business plan and her trepidation at having adult male students and all the rest of whatever goes on in her brain.

Because, quite frankly, I don’t think I’d trust her to teach the ABCs. She has the empathy skills of a rhino, the intuition of a mollusc, and the patience of a kennel full of whippets hopped up on cantharides.

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