Zep CD Help.

Okay. My latest student needs to hear some Zeppelin. I am convinced that within his slightly chubby torso beats the heart of a true rock and roll aficionado.

He hasn’t had much exposure to rock, owing to the fact that he is a twelve-year-old Korean boy. But six months ago, when he won the free CD draw at Thriller, the skate shop in UBC village, the CD changed his life. He won a CD by some band called Silverstein, and they have since become his rock gods. They sound a lot like POD and Green Day. So I want to give him the best gift of all: The gift of more guitars, a CD of Led Zeppelin songs.

As Eric laughingly points out, “You can’t make a Led Zeppelin Greatest Hits CD, because they’re all greatest hits!” It’s true. But some of their songs are more challenging to listen to than others.

Personally, when I am a kafroogleillionaire, I am going to create a special extended mix of The Immigrant Song. (Also, I will listen to it while I lounge around all day on a chaise longue covered in crushed black velvet and have someone tickle my face with a loose powder brush, but the Immigrant Song is most important.)

My question to you: What Zep songs do you love most?

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