Taxes: A series of Haiku.

Oh God. Tax time looms.
I’ll think about something else.
Maybe I’ll be fine.

April Twenty-seventh.
Shit. I have to do this now.
Guts cramp in terror.

The very next day
I go to the Post Office.
Get two packages.

Friday. I can’t add.
I should clean the bathroom now.
Maybe pet the cat.

Saturday cocktails.
I should be doing taxes,
But drinks are more fun.

Sunday. Deadline dooms.
Come home and collect papers.
Christ! Where’s a pencil?

Third time adding sums.
Numbers always different.
My shoulders hunch up.

God, the numbers twitch.
I’m stupid. This is why I
Got two packages.

First package is gone.
Ripped to shreds in frustration.
Math shreds my ego.

Second package. Breathe.
Slow and easy. I will
Conquer my return.

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