The new Jilly Cooper book is out. I got it yesterday at 3:08pm (I checked the receipt.) Just now, I looked. I am on page 326.

What I have found most amusing is other peoples’ reactions to this 838 page saga.

Student J, checking the weight: “You’re insane!”

Student S, poking through, scanning here and there, finally checking the total page count:  “I bet you can’t finish it in a week!”

Me: “I bet I can!”

Student S: “Okay, you can pay me a thousand dollars if you are finished in a week.”

Me: “Deal. Come and shake on it.”

Student S’s dad: “Hunh. That’s why you’re a reading teacher.”

Student A: “Does it have kissing? I hate kissing in books.”

Yes, I guess this is why I’m a reading teacher. Eight hundred pages doesn’t faze me. As long as it’s something I’m enjoying.

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