IKEA World

Nobody saw it coming. We all bought the ubiquilamp when we went to university, the same GALANT study desk, the computer chair.

In our first apaprtments, everyone had IVAR shelves. Some had POANG chairs, and most had BILLY bookcases. The same scrubbed pine table and the folding chairs.

We graduated out of the basics when we got onto career tracks. Ditched the POANG that was beginning to sag, upgraded to KLIMP bookocases and maybe a KOMFTY bed. Something simple. And by that time, our old futons were too busted for anything but the landfill. So much easier to just get a new bed.
Kids came along. Back to IKEA for nursery stuff, cute little $3.99 rubber duckies and $10 baby bathtubs. Lots of lights on our kids’ walls, shaped like stars and seahorses.

Kids got to school age. Back to IKEA for more BILLY bookcases (they never lasted more than a decade) and more IKEA beds, computer desks, chairs, and decor.

The problem came when the governments started looking at what was in the landfill. Particleboard and allan keys. Broken BILLYs and POANG arms. A million star-and-seahorse-shaped pastic light fixtures.Broken VINSTRA storage units and KOMPLEMENT plastic cubes.
They started taxing IKEA furniture. But people still bought. We couldn’t go anywhere else. it was too cheap! The meatballs were too delicious!

They taxed more heavily.

The latest tax was 73% on every IKEA product walking out of the store.

The landfill is still filling with IKEA products.
IKEA, the big, friendly, Swedish box store with the cheap furniture, is taking over the world.

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