Mischief would have been a year old this month. We didn’t know his exact birthday, as Mac found him under his trailer in Hedley.

Mischief was a black longhaired cat with a white bib. He always had bits of leaves and things in his tail as he hadn’t got the hang of keeping clean yet.

He was the sweetest guy imaginable, running up to anyone and everyone for some pets and then going off to play. This morning he came over for a head-rub as I was going out the door to the gym.

He was Bax’s best friend. They used to wrestle in the front yard and our apartment. They had an ongoing war over where to keep the little fake mice they liked to play with. Bax brought them inside, but then Mischief would come in and take them out to the lawn.

Someone ran Mischief over today. Dr. Bob couldn’t save him. We will all miss him badly.

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