The Best Birthday Present.

Yep. It was my birthday today. Went to work. Fed kids chocolate. A good time was had by all. Cashed in on gifts from family. Excellent!

But my best present was from a student who chose some earrings for me, all by herself. She systematically went through Claire’s looking for the earrings she felt I would like the most. So she put a lot of thought into trying to figure out what I’d like, based on my personality, my clothing and my attitude.

Result: The most astonishing pair of earrings I have ever seen. They are the kind of earrings coveted by magpies. A drag queen in a Mardi Gras parade might eschew these earrings as being too over-the-top. I think you can see their shine from space. They are three-tiered, with magenta and pink ‘stones’ hanging from the top two tiers. from the third dangle five saucy, raspberry-coloured faux-crystal teardrops. They astonish in their shiny vulgarity.

I love them immoderately.

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