Too Many Eggs.

So a nice man comes to my house every week and delivers a dozen free-range eggs. He came to my mother’s house. His father came to my grandmother’s house. My family have a long history with The Egg Men.

But there are only two of us in this family. It’s hard to use a dozen eggs a week.

We try, but there are only so many mornings when we have time for eggs for breakfast.
I have been making popovers galore (lots of eggs, snacky, we devour them), but popovers don’t keep that well, and are slightly defeated-looking the day after they are made.

We love the bread products over here Chez MonkeyPants, but I have not tried challah or brioche yet. Any egg breads out there that are not scary/do not involve braiding?
I want to try quiche, but am intimidated.

One thing I have thought of, as we approach Christmas, is just do a mighty vat of nog once a week, get bombed, and get over it. But this may not be the best use of eggs all the time.

Egg ideas much appreciated.

Hey! That Quiz Stole My Blogroll!

So I deleted it.

I knew I was smart anyhow.

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