No Shark Repellent?!

So, since my father is going to Hawaii on the 27th, I thought I would get him Hawaii-based presents, like a novel set in Hawaii, and shark repellent. But WTF? They don’t sell it in Vancouver. And they laughed at me at the dive shop when I asked for it.


Farts and Giggles.

Okay, sometimes my job is just totally worth it.

I had a little guy in the class today. He’s six. And I don’t know what he had for lunch, but he was Mister Fartypants. They didn’t even smell as far as I could detect, they just made a kind of bliat noise, like he was sitting on a small, protesting sheep or something.

And every time he farted, he would giggle.  Not an embarassed giggle, but a totally ‘That is funny, didja hear that?’ kind of way.

I kept a straight face. Barely.

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