Ew! Peeing Guy Outside.

Not outside my house, but outside St. Paul’s Hospital.

There I was, walking to the bus stop and a saw a guy with his hands at crotch-level. Before I could think, “Hey, why is that guy holding his crotch?” I saw him whip it out and start watering the sidewalk. On a major street. Facing the street.

What an interesting weekend it has been on the witnessing-strangers’-body-effluvia front.

Ew! Barfing Guy Outside.

I stayed up late baking, because I am just that exciting. And then I heard…sounds.

Some guy was barfing his guts out outside. I wondered if I should go and see if I could help him, but the barf sounded, well, pretty liquid. And I love to help, but usually draw the line at drunk, barfing stangers.

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