On my way to the bus stop every day, I pass a big metal container clearly marked Developmental Disablilities Association- Clothes Only.

Despite the fact that the DDA has clearly stated that they only want clothes, nothing else, over the past few months, people have started leaving other things beside the box. No, they don’t put them in, but leave them beside. I’ve seen everything from laundry hampers to microwaves to German language textbooks dumped there.

Now, it kind of pisses me off that people would flagrantly disregard the wishes of a charity organization, while at the same time litter the area around the box with their cast-off junk. So the law-abiding part of me was happy when I saw there was a sign on the box saying This Area Monitored By Camera.

But I had to laugh when, the day after that, someone had taken the time to arrange a tableau of stuffed animals having a tea party with cast-off cups and saucers. Right on top of the box.

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