Green Bean Casserole.

So I was at an Easter dinner last night at Fran and Jim’s.

These affairs are always a little ragtag. We invite whoever hasn’t another place to go for holiday meals. Last night there were fourteen of us.

My friend Julie brought green bean casserole. It was fabulous! I’ve read about it in novels: You know, green beans with mushroom soup and some crunchy onions? Yeah. It’s in books set in New Jersey and Brooklyn.

It was a true cultural experience.

Taco Salad.

No, it’s not a euphemism.

Can you believe I’d never had it before Em suggested it last week? She was in a Mexican mood so I made them some burritos, but had enough meat left over for us to make some taco salads.

Oh. My. God. The tangy, creamy, spicy deliciousness!

Okay, the ingredients, except for the salad part, are kind of fatty. But a little cheese and sour cream and low-fat ground beef go a long way. I just ate about eight cups of lettuce, courtesy of the magic of  the taco salad.

Mmmm. Sweet, sweet taco salads…

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