Happy Beltane!

I am not pagan in terms of religion. I’m not much of anything, which is okay for Unitarians, so thank goodness I am one. But Beltane is my favourite pagan festival.

It’s not just the maypoles and the bonfires and the drinking and carousing and the sex in the fields with strangers and the ritual renewal of the relationship between Herne the Hunter and the Great Earth Mother. Although those things are well and good, in their place.

It’s more about the renewal of the year. It’s those trees that smell like honey, I don’t know what they’re called. It’s the guys in the obnoxiously green house up the street having their first barbecue, blasting Barry White and yelling to people to come up for a beer. It’s the lilac blooming and the happy wet dogs coming up from the beach because it’s warm enough for them to swim. It’s the first freckles on my nose. It’s breaking out the flip-flops and tank tops. It’s seeing the bedding plants for sale at the corner store.

It’s spring. Happy Beltane, everyone.

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