Mostly Moved.

While the number of boxes steadily decreases in my new living room, more and more things now have a proper place here. Of course, we didn’t have internet until yesterday and (I’m kind of ashamed to admit) that makes it feel like home.

The move itself was hot and dusty. Mad props to John for contributing the sweat of his brow and doing some heavy lifting. I am no shrinking violet, but I’m not He-Man, either. I’m kind of embarassed that I own things I can’t lift. But what do you do with a century-old sideboard? You kind of have to keep it, right? Well, you do if you’re me, anyhow. And you have strong friends, for when you have to move.

I’m particularly pleased with the position of my desk. As I type, I look up and see an overgrown backyard, full of both plants I know and plants I want to get to know. There’s even a treehouse!  I am full of plans for the garden: Maybe a clematis here, a raised bed for tomatoes there. This garden needs someone to care for it. That someone can be me. I might have to zip to the garden store for some herbs.
Speaking of herbs, I love cooking in this kitchen! We have a cherry-red garbage can from the 50’s that belonged to my current landlord’s father. I especially like how it looks next to the gleaming white expanse of 21st Century state-of-the-art fridge. Neither garbage can nor fridge is exactly space-efficient, but they look cool, especially together.

I am in full nesting mode. I couldn’t be happier.

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