Friday Confessions.

It hasn’t been a good week, but I have noticed half of my confessions revolve around food and the gym.

1) I didn’t go to the gym again. Too nice to snuggle in bed. Until I am almost late.

2) I ate dessert twice on Thursday night. Well, who wouldn’t? A warm-from-the-oven cinnamon bun and then Korean treats? I was helpless.

3) I really want to see the ‘Hairspray’ movie.

4) I have only progressed to page 6 of Arwen’s novel. Not because it’s bad, because it really isn’t. I want to know what happens. But I seem to be going through a no-attention-span phase. In times like this I can only read things I have read before. That way I can dip in and out as needed. Maybe I have ADD and just mask it with my voracious appetite for easily-consumable beach fodder.

Confess. What have you transgressed this week?

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