Friday Confessions

Roll up, roll up! Confess your transgressions here!

I’ll start:

1) I miss the library! Oh, God, Oh, God! Even with my (I thought) inexhaustible supply of books to read, I am in harsh withdrawal. Five times a day, I say to myself, “Oh, I want to know about __. I’d better go to the…Oh.” Vancouver area readers (of this blog and in general), we may have to set up an informal lending system to get me (and you) through this troubled time of labour unrest.

2) I have been rereading Little House in the Big Woods because I will be teaching it on Monday to a student who is doing our summer ‘Interactive Reading’ course. It’s like a little book club. But I am reading with Beth’s comment in my mind, that it’s largely a book about not starving to death, about scraping by. These are people who, when Pa brought home a buttload of honey, had it for dinner. Honey. That’s it. In a related note, I really want to reread all the books now, and I may ask Arwen to put a couple of them in her bag on Saturday. That’s the confession part. I am still reading the Little House books.

3) There’s another teacher at work I am really beginning to dislike. It’s funny, because I respect her as a teacher. She has the patience and forbearance with the little ones I simply cannot muster. And she may be just shy. But she never makes eye contact with me, and never makes small talk when we find ourselves walking down the hall together. Of course, I think she must hate me because she doesn’t talk to me. So logical, I know! So, I think, I’ll just dislike her back!

4) I did it. I told work that I didn’t want to teach 6:30-7:30 on Thursdays. Even with Sanctuary getting bulldozed for condos, I will try to get to wherever Kim is dancing. I can’t believe how happy that makes me.

5) I am unconscionably smug that my September tutoring schedule is already full. To those that couldn’t get a spot, sorry, but my life is not tutoring and I will not wake up at eight o’clock on a weekend to come to your house to tutor. Do. Not. Want.

Over to you. What do you confess to this week?

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