It appears that the owner of my local drinking establishment, The Fringe Cafe, also owner of The Ouisi Bistro on South Granville, has stumbled across this blog while searching the intertubes for interesting facts on his employees. Nigel told me last night, and Rob, AKA The Great White Provider, figured out which one of his patrons I was pretty easily. Of course, it wouldn’t be hard, but I have tended to keep my Secret Internet Identity away from a lot of the Broadway crew.

So, Rob, I’m going to make a little story using search terms I think you might use, and let’s see how quickly you find this post.

I was sailing around the Gulf Islands in my sloop, the S.S. Birks when I suddenly noticed I needed a Jager bomb. So I called Nigel at the Fringe Cafe on West Broadway and what happened was he was there with the rep from Russell Brewing. So I got one of the unruly patrons, Craig, to come over in his catamaran and he gave me my drink. It wasn’t over-service because I wasn’t technically in his establishment. I went over to my friend Clark’s, and there, I learned that there were some difficult problems with the beer lines. His friend, Lutz, took it all into consideration and said he wouldn’t sue me if I sat down and did some cross-stitch.

Ouisi Ouisi Ouisi Fringe Fringe Fringe.

Just kidding, Rob. I know you wouldn’t Google ‘cross-stitch’

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