Friday Confessions.

How is it Friday already? Early, but Friday. Here I was, minding my own business, and the week went and ended on me. Whoo, weekend!

I haven’t a lot to confess this week. That’s okay.

1) I left book reports for two whole days before marking them. Now, that doesn’t seem bad, but we have some kids who come every day and they expect their book reports PDQ.

2) I had to scare the cat away from the door with a pair of barbecue tongs. He wouldn’t let me out and I was late for work. On the other hand, he has just come and rubbed his face on my leg, so I assume he’s over the trauma.

3) I am supposed to be saving money, but I bought two Little House books, because I wanted to read them. So, if you want On the Banks of Plum Creek or By the Shores of Silver Lake after tomorrow, as a RABK (Random Act of Blogger Kindness) just give me a shout.

4) I cried a lot last night. It was the last dance at Sanctuary, our belly dance place. More to follow on that.

So. What are you willing to confess?

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