Friday Confessions.

Well, it’s still Friday even if I’m kind of late. I totally meant to leap out of bed and post today, but instead I kind of grogged around, then went out to do errands and go shopping.

So, here I go:

1) I totally forgot it was Friday. Because I am off work until Tuesday, I just kind of assumed it was some kind of weekend day or something.

2) When I remembered it was Friday, I did not rush home. I had gyoza instead. Then I checked out the Fluevog sale. Then I got a free hug from the Free Hug people on Robson.

3) Wednesday afternoon, I was so hyped for my looooong weekend that I became Insane Teacher. “No, Yujin, the past tense of ‘fly’ is ‘flew’. As in (starts to sing) Flew into Miami Beach B.O.A.C, didn’t get to bed last night, All the way a paperback was on my knee, man, it was a dreadful flight! There. You’re never going to forget that, are you?” (Yujin shakes her head, laughing)

4) I am increasingly impatient with other people around me. Seriously, was there a sale on Stupid Pills or something? Because Holy Cats, there are a lot of morons around.

5) I lied to my students. I told some of them I was going to see my father on my holiday, and that I would be out of town. Meanwhile, I am hunkered down in Vancouver and not budging.

Over to you. Whadja do this week?

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