Friday Confessions.

It’s been a long week. Dad had a cat scan, but they probably won’t have any results until late next week. Also, school’s back and new kids are wandering into my room. Faces from last year are drifting in as well. K, my erstwhile bush baby, has grown a foot. His voice is beginning to crack. Hye Rin LOVES Grade Eight because there are so many cute boys to check out! Emily had a list of all the animals she saw in the Rocky Mountains this summer. In short, I’ve been too tired to get up to any shenanigans. However, I do confess the following:

1) The Great Karaoke Debacle. I meant to go home. But beer was cheap and the entertainment was plentiful. I thought less-than-charitable thoughts about Ward’s rendition of “Don’t Bring Me Down”.

2) Looking forward to the weekend. Since Wednesday.

3) Seriously considering letting Gen go to work for me as a Special Guest Teacher.

That’s about it for me. What did you get up to?

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