Friday Confessions.

Hello, and welcome to another big helping of absolution. Without the Catholicism, of course, because I am not Catholic. And I wouldn’t know what kind of penance to assign. Three Hail Marys? Five? A pilgrimage? Ehn, it’s just too much work. So gather round, while I hand out indulgences like they were candy.

Me? I confess to the following:

1) I am high on cold medication and have been most of this week.

2) The drifty, cotton-wool feeling I get from the cold medication kind of makes me understand serious substance abuse.

3) This week I have made some very bourgeois value judgments. I really dislike that I am classist in any way and would like to change, but I fear I may be too old.

4) I have now been present so much while CSI is on that I can watch an episode for three minutes and then say, “Oh, this is the one where there’s the neo-nazi experimenting on people in his basement.” And be right.

5) I regret being so whiny in the “Open Letter To Some Parents” post. I should just accept things as they are and move on.

6) I am bad at accepting things and moving on.

7) The father of one of my students caught a turtle at the UBC golf course. They are keeping it in a rubbermaid container. I am plotting how to set it free.

Your turn. Good week? Bad week? Any kind of week?

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