Phone: ring….ring…
Woman I Don’t Know: Hello?
Me: Hi, is Sam there?
WIDK: Yeah. Are you coming over?
Me: Why? Is there a thing?
WIDK: Yeah, you should totally come over. You want to talk to Sam?
Me: Yes, please.
Sam: Hello?
Me: Who was that? Is there a thing?
Sam: We’re painting my apartment.
Me: You don’t have an apartment.
Sam: I bought one.
Me: Wow! You’re officially the richest person I know.
Sam: I’m really not!
Me: How do you know? Anyway, I saw online that we have to RSVP for tonight.
Sam: I did, don’t worry.
Me: Okay. Can I wear jeans?
Sam: I don’t know. I’m wearing a skirt.
Me: (Histrionic Teenager Mode)But I always wear jeans to church.
Sam: It’s an ordination. You should dress up.
Me: But we belong to a lentil-based faith.
Sam: But it’s an important occasion for Laura, and there probably won’t be any lentils there. Wear a dress or something.
Me: (Big Teenage Sigh) Okay.

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