Friday Confessions.

Some weeks are faster than others. This was a fast one. It felt like yesterday, I was all, “It’s still Tuesday?” and now the weekend is staring me in the face. And I do have a few things to confess. Nothing so bad. The body count didn’t get any higher.

1) I spent about a minute on what my sister-in-law wanted for her birthday. I went to and looked on her wish list. Yay for the deeply heartfelt gift that says, “Have a treatise on philosophy!” Because birthdays and philosophy go together like ice cream and ipecac. Or something.
2) I had some lovely dark chocolate. I ate it. Didn’t share it, and even kind of concealed it from the chocolate monster I live with.

3) I let E sleep on the couch until 8AM on Tuesday morning. He’d been at work until silly o’clock and fell asleep in front of Star Trek reruns. To be fair, I think he got a better sleep on the couch than I did in bed. I was wracked with coughing because I lacked the foresight to buy more cough syrup. It was the choice of waking both of us up every 15 minutes, or only me. Actually, there is nothing wrong with that. Well done, me.

4) I exaggerated slightly to get the turtle out of the Rubbermaid container and back into its natural habitat. I explained to my student’s dad that turtles carry salmonella, and I didn’t know, but wild ones might have even more diseases than pet store ones. If his son touched the turtle and then his mouth or even eye, he might catch something that would make him very sick indeed. I didn’t want to take any chances, but I had heard it was very, very dangerous to keep turtles as pets. Result: Turtle went back to the wild yesterday, and my student has less of a chance of violent diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever, or vomiting.

So. What are you less than proud of this week?

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