Friday Confessions….

...are a frustrating mess. (To the tune of Manic Depression)

Another week, another whine. Onwards, I say. Onwards to a place and a time when I am not stressed out by events beyond my control.

1) I have been incredibly lazy. Except for two instances of noodles and butter, and a couple of soft-boiled eggs, I have subsisted this week on leftover potato salad, birthday cake, and chips and salsa.

2) No gym. Again with the lazy.

3) I have been slacking on transcribing notes for the musical I’m helping with, blithely ignoring my own deadlines.

4) I have wanted to shout, “GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!” so much this week. And I don’t even really have that right.

5) I have been ignoring the world by playing Scrabulous. A lot.

6) Alleviated stress last night by dancing around my living room, while the cat looked at me like I was some kind of slightly alarming alien.

Over to you guys. What’s up?

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